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09:15 - 16:15
Wednesday 26 June 2019
Central London
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In 2018 Ofsted set out its plans to put the curriculum at the heart of its new inspection framework, that will look at a curriculum’s intent, implementation and impact, including for pupils with SEND. In November 2018, following the Rochford Review recommendations on engagement scales for pupils with SEND, the DfE announced that a new approach to enable primary schools to better assess pupils with the most complex needs will be rolled out across the country from 2020.

This new statutory assessment will replace P scales 1 to 4 and will be based on the 7 aspects of engagement. This is an assessment approach that focuses on pupil’s abilities in specific areas like awareness, curiosity and anticipation which will need to be reflected in curriculum. For pupils in subject specific study, the final pre-key stage standards, rolled out in 2018/19 academic year, will enable better assessment at the end of KS1 and KS2 for pupils working below the standard of national curriculum.

Attend this Designing and Implementing Effective Curricula for SEND Pupils training course to receive the latest guidance on new assessment methods and how you can improve your curriculum for more effective pupil engagement to clearly evidence and demonstrate the progress of SEND pupils.

Learning Objectives:
  • Discover how to deliver more effective lessons and improve outcomes for pupils with SEND through better curriculum intent, implementation and impact
  • Receive an update on the latest changes to assessment standards for SEND pupils
  • Understand how you can incorporate the 7 aspects on engagement into your curriculum to best support and assess pupils with most complex needs
  • Find out how you can best utilise an effective curriculum to demonstrate the impact of SEND provision and pupil outcomes


Natalie Packer, Education Consultant and Author, The Perfect SENCO and The Teacher’s Guide to SEN


Nick Sheffield, Expert Rochford Review Group, Assistant Head, Woodfield Teaching School Alliance and Class TeacherThe Village School  

Tracy Edwards, Associate Director of Teaching School, Swiss Cottage School

Session Title
Chair’s Welcome and Clarification of Learning Objectives

Natalie Packer, Education Consultant and Author, The Perfect SENCO and The Teacher’s Guide to SEN (CONFIRMED)

Curriculum Intent, Implementation and Impact: Developing an Ambitious Curriculum for Pupils with SEND in Subject Specific Study
  • Defining intent: creating a clear, purpose driven curriculum for SEND pupils that incorporates individual needs, the schools’ principles and national priorities
  • Implementing effective knowledge and skills delivery methods for SEND pupils and planning day to day lessons and activities
  • Applying a multidimensional outlook to curriculum frameworks and delivery
  • Knowing and evidencing your curriculum impact by providing meaningful assessment
  • Identifying weaknesses in your SEND curriculum to help with future planning and changes
  • Modifying the curriculum to remove barriers for pupils with special educational needs in subject specific study


Morning Beak
Analysing Statutory Changes to SEND Assessment Standards
  • Discussing the recommendations of the Rochford review and the changes to SEND assessment standards
  • Reviewing 7 Aspects of Engagement pilot study, implementation and how will they impact assessment and testing
  • Analysing how will the 7 aspects enable more flexible and personalised assessment, contrary to P-Scales linear assessment, to better assess pupils with SEND
  • Considering future outlook – providing guidance on implementation strategy for 2020 roll out of the new approach to assessment of pupils with most complex needs

Dr Deborah Robinson, Assistant Professor Teacher DevelopmentUniversity of Nottingham (invited)

Outlining the Future of SEND Assessment – Lessons Learned from a Pilot School for The 7 Aspects of Engagement
  • Understanding what the 7 aspects for engagement are, how they can they influence assessment and pupils outcomes
  • Discussing the pilot delivery and approach
  • Analysing the work of School Hubs for information sharing and support and how it influenced the performance of individual schools
  • Discussing impact of the pilot on curriculum, pupil performance and assessment in light of the upcoming changes
  • Analysing the outcomes and further recommendations for future development of the new statutory assessment framework

Nick Sheffield, Expert Rochford Review Group, Assistant Head, Woodfield Teaching School Alliance and Class TeacherThe Village School (CONFIRMED)

Workshop: Working with an ‘Engagement Assessment Framework’ to Enhance Non-subject Specific Teaching and Learning for Pupils with Complex Needs
  • Assessing pupils engagement at every stage to maximise learning and development
  • Establishing coherence between engagement-based assessment and the implementation of individual Education, Health and Care Plans
  • Developing a flexible curriculum framework which is responsive to engagement-related priorities and goals
  • Building a culture of professional learning in a school around the language of “engagement”

Tracy Edwards, Associate Director of Teaching School, Swiss Cottage School (CONFIRMED)

Afternoon Break
Workshop: Effectively Demonstrating the Impact of your SEND Provision
  • Monitoring progress and evidencing impact of the curriculum for pupils with SEND
  • Implementing effective evaluation methods – gathering, analysing and triangulating performance information
  • Implementing clear self-evaluation processes of SEND provision and outcomes to support school improvement

Natalie Packer, Education Consultant and Author, The Perfect SENCO and The Teacher’s Guide to SEN (CONFIRMED)

Feedback, Evaluation & Close

*Programme subject to change

Natalie Packer

Education Consultant and Author, The Perfect SENCO and The Teacher’s Guide to SEN

Natalie is an Independent Education Consultant, specialising in SEND and school improvement.  She develops and delivers a wide range of training and support to schools and regularly carries out SEN reviews. Natalie is an Associate Consultant for Nasen, and a consultant governor for a large 4-18 school in Dubai. She is also a trustee of Learn-AT multi-academy trust in the East Midlands and supports the Whole School SEND review process. She regularly contributes to online SEN articles and webinars and is the author of The Perfect SENCO and The Teacher’s Guide to SEN.

Nick Sheffield

Expert Rochford Review Group, Assistant Head, Woodfield Teaching School Alliance and Class Teacher, The Village School

Nick is an Assistant Head at Woodfield Teaching School as well as a class teacher at a large SEN school called the Village School. He is a member of the Expert Rochford Review and specialises in teaching, learning and assessment of non-subject specific learners. Nick guest lecturers at both Middlesex and Bedford University and contributes to their SEND modules for initial teacher training. Nick created the reflective teaching tool which is currently being circulated as an outstanding example of utilising the engagement model in reflection and assessment of pupil progress. On the back of this Nick was asked to be part of the Expert Rochford Review Group (announcement) and is currently developing CPD, whole school assessment strategies and case study materials and is at the forefront SEND assessment.

Richard Aird OBE: “The passion and insight you showed were an absolute treat and something which gives me huge satisfaction knowing that there are people like you who will bring about a new era in SEND provision.”